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How does it work? When The Fishing Buckle is closed, it acts like a regular buckle.  When you’re ready for action use the large thumb slot for a quick, one handed opening.  Once open, insert the base of your fishing rod into the V shape and that’s it, reel away.  When you’re done, simply snap it shut.  The buckle works great with either a rubber based rod or the indented cross pattern on the bottom of many saltwater fishing rods.  When you’re using an indented cross pattern rod there’s an added raised fin inside the buckle which prevents the rod from sliding side to side, while still allowing for a full range of motion.  With a variety of finishes, the buckles can be laser etched/engraved with your name or favorite logo.  The snap-on belts can be easily swapped out for an array of different color combos.  The Fishing Buckle also makes the perfect Mother’s/Father’s Day, Birthday, or Christmas gift for the angler that has it all. How did it start? About 2 years ago, I was on a fishing trip down in Key West with my dad!  After a few hours of reeling in to check bait and a few good catches, I realized I was getting bruised from sticking the fishing rod into my stomach. Typically, most people stick the rod under their arms, into their stomachs or thighs to support it… none of which are ideal.  For the next trip, we bought a fighting belt, which is the larger support belt that you velcro around your waist when you’ve got a fish on.  Even though it worked great, I found that it was too bulky and uncomfortable to wear all day.  When a fish struck the line, I had to rush to strap it on before grabbing the fishing rod, or grab the rod and have someone else help strap it on.  I wanted something that was smaller, wearable all day, always ready for action and would still provide great fishing rod support…so I created The Fishing Buckle. The Fishing Buckle vs the Classic Fighting Belt The overall air I want to convey in regards to fighting belts is that I’m not trying to replace them, but rather offer a great alternative for those who don’t have one or even those who do, but don’t want to wear it all day.  Avid anglers will continue to use their classic fighting belts, but The Fishing Buckle is fully capable of catching any size fish and makes a great fill-in for all the gaps. It could be as simple as reeling in to check your bait - as it’s the same process as catching a fish, just without the excitement and fight or to free up a hand while letting your lines out.  Also, you may have one classic fighting belt on board, but 3 lines with fish on.  Everyone could be wearing The Fishing Buckle.  It also makes a fantastic, customizable gift for the angler that has it all. What is it made of? The buckle is die cast with an alloy mix and either powder coated or electroplated depending on the finish.  This alloy makes it strong enough to tackle any size fish and the finishes help protect it from the saltwater.  The belt is tightly woven polypropylene which makes it fast drying and flexible, but still rigid enough to counter torque while supporting your fishing rod.  Why Kickstarter? I’ve loved fishing since I was a little kid!  Like most people, I have dreamt of being successful doing something that I’m passionate about.  Up until now, I’ve funded all aspect of The Fishing Buckle, including creating my first prototype, sourcing materials and manufacturers, having the molds made, going through the patent process and testing a variety of samples.  I’ve done my homework on packaging, shipping, import/export, manufacturing times, lasers and etching.  Along with Kickstarter’s global backing reach, amazing track record, fantastic marketing opportunities and your support, the World’s first “Fish-Ready” Sportfishing Belt Buckle will hit the market…  Thanks so much! Meet our designer:
Questions? Contact us at thefishingbuckle@gmail.com